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Here we have collected and organized the main and most popular paid profiles that has ever made by members from the official private shanky forum since 2008. Our shop has FAST, CHEAP and RELIABLE service since 2010! Max. 24 hours delivery via email and maximum secrecy! 100% Authentic, unlocked, decoded profiles! Updates are free for previous customers!

ATTENTION! If you want to buy profiles officially from the profile authors then go the official shanky bot forum! These profile's results may will not guarantee you the same results. It's because everything in poker is so sensitive and unstable. The graphs shows the profile author's results at the current testing period with their own buyin and/or table selecting strategy.

Updated: WebMTTAggGen2 v5_8_1 / 6 + updated pdf

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No Limit Holdem MTT/SNG Profilesppl(unlocked)txt
Web6MaxSNG   v1_3_3  -$19
WebTurboSNGGen2   v1_6_7 / 3  -
WebMTTAggGen2   v5_8_1 / 6   Updated!
KGB  Advanced v2.3  -
Optimus v2.0  $29$39
Event Horizon v1.5
DrMTT v2.33
Revolution pack v1.2 & v3.5  -$9
Chaser SNG/DON/MTT pack
Stealth v16 & v18 pack
Invictus v3.2 pack$9 $9
Jackal v2.3 pack (JackalSNG v1.8) $9 $9
Bracelet v8.6  Iveyswish MTT v6.6
Iveyswish SNG v1.0 + JackalSNG v1.8$9$9
Timesaver: Advanced Profile Templates

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No Limit & FL Holdem Cash Game Profilesppl(unlocked)txt
Tensor FL v1.1   -$29
Retribution v1.8    -$39
Fish-Tilter v1.0 & v1.3   -$15
SpeedPoker v2 + Invasion v2 + CakeEater v6   -$9
EndGame v4.1 & v1.7 + free Revolution pack   -$15
TeamChevy25NL v3.2
Bellic 6-max v6.6
6 Man Death Punch v3.4.1$19$29
FireStorm 6max v01$19$29
FireStorm FR v2 + v3(LAG & NIT) pack
Agripin v05b$19
Donkey Nightmare v3.0$19 $29
MSP2011 + MSP v78 + MSPX v5.1 pack
Stealth v16 & v18 pack
- $9
SC Shark and Dogfish-$9

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